Campus-wide Interactions Links

Neuroscience Program
Gene Expression in Development and Disease (GEDD)
The GEDD Initiative features three main thrust areas; enhanced Ph.D. and postdoc training through a new training grant and graduate fellowships, enhanced bioinformatic and genomic resources for the MSU community, and new interdisciplinary collaborative projects.
Breast Cancer Signaling Networks
The BCERP will study the impact of prenatal-to-adult environmental exposures that may predispose females to breast cancer.
Center for Integrative Toxicology
Michigan State University's Center for Integrative Toxicology builds upon recognized research strength on the health effects and environmental effects of toxic agents.
Structural & Computational Biology/Quantitative Biology
The QB Graduate Program focuses on training graduate students to carry out interdisciplinary research projects. Examples of such efforts include the development of innovative quantitative experimental and modeling approaches to understand structure/function relationships in biomolecules and biological networks of molecules and populations.